Locates Unlimited Services Ltd. Specializing in Subsurface Utility Locating
Equipment that we use

•  Electromagnetic (EM) locating  •
Pipe and cable locating equipment used to identify conductive buried utilities
such as natural gas lines, electrical, communication, water, sewer and storm utilities.
•  Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)  •
GPR Concrete Infrastructure Imaging Radar System used to identify rebar,
conductive and non- conductive utilities located in concrete floors and walls along with a GPR for Subsurface Utility scanning.

Locates Unlimited Services Ltd. incorporates the newest and latest Electromagnetic (EM) technology to identify conductive underground facilities
providing you the client the safest working environment available in the industry.
We offer Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for both Concrete Infrastructure Imaging and
GPR scanning for Subsurface Utility scans to satisfy each customer's request.

Our services include utility locating, project management, utility verification programs and facility installations.
Locates Unlimited Services Ltd. can assist our clients in obtaining all utility owners utility information from all available sources as many Cities, Municipalities and Utility Owners are not members of the BC ONE CALL system.